Local Content Policy

Local Content Policy

It is our policy to always promote Nigerian Content on all our operations in addition to on-going knowledge transfer.We are proud to be a 100% indigenous Nigerian company 

We are committed to the development of the local content policy by incorporating the Nigerian content policy in all our businesses and project execution strategy


We shall always promote the improvement of Nigerian workforce by encouraging training, both locally through in-house training programmes and also by sponsoring personnel to the facilities of our affiliates overseas for in-depth technical training. These ensures that our workforce have on-going development and improvement, which will remain with them in Nigeria for use on future projects. These personnel, mainly Engineers and Managers will in-turn pass on knowledge to other employees working with them on various projects.


To obtain valuable Nigerian personnel, we shall employ from the Host Communities as well as advertise on our websites for effective recruitment processes. This is an on-going activity for our existing projects and shall continue and be increased for other future projects.

In accordance with the Nigerian Government policy and directives on labour sourcing,we shall endeavour to, wherever possible, recruit Nigerian personnel resident in, or belonging to, the same area or nearest village to where the work or services are carried out.

Material, Equipment, Sourcing & Service

We shall wherever possible utilises local materials and equipment in our project sites. This promotes the use of Nigerian personnel, encourages local businesses/companies and thereby reducing unemployment in the various communities.

Sub-Contractors and Institutions

We also utilise local Subcontractors wherever possible to assist in the execution of our projects. This encourages local contractors to develop and expand so they in turn will benefit, employ local workers and the economy will grow. Similarly, in carrying out our business, we shall involve local financial and training institutions.

We shall extensively ensure protection of the environment, respect of human and social right of employees and contribution to local economic development of Nigeria.


Signed: Fenog Management

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